Cambrian Meadows Mini Mouse

08/20/1997 ~ 01/30/2013

Mouses' Story
Born August 20, 1997, she was the second puppy whelped and after cleaning her up her mommy kept shoving her off into the corner. I noticed that her front left leg looked like it was bent backwards; my thought was that somehow it was broken/dislocated during her birth. After all of the puppies were whelped I loaded everyone in the car and drove the 1.5 hours to the vet to have her put to sleep. She was examined and it was determined that her leg was not broken or dislocated. It just appeared to be a birth defect. My vet refused to put her down saying 'She will make someone a wonderful pet puppy'. So we headed home. On the way I stopped by my grandma's so she could see the puppies. She saw the little girl puppy who weighed 2oz and fit completely in the palm of my hand and said 'She looks like a little mouse'. So from that moment forward she was Mouse. Her mommy did except her and for four days she nursed happily with her three sisters and one brother. On the 4th day she started regurgitating milk. She would be nursing and get so full that it would come out her nose. Of course by this time she has wrapped herself around my little finger and I was beside myself worried that she would suffocate while I was at work. So for the longest time she would go to work with me in a little box supplied with a hot water bottle. The box sat on my desk and I would feed her on my break then take her home at lunch to nurse and back to work again for the afternoon. She still regurgitated milk but I was able to clear her nose. At 15 days old she became severely congested. I wasn't able to take her to the vet until day 17 and by then her congestion had turned into green snot. He did not want to treat her because he was sure she was going to die. He told me that when she saw the orthopedic Dr. in 2 days he could decide to treat her if he felt it was necessary. So for 2 days I fretted over this puppy. Over the phone the emergency vet told me to flush her sinuses with saline solution which did help but she was not a well girl. Finally we went to the ortho Dr. and he took x-rays of her leg. She did not have a left shoulder blade, the growth plates were almost closed in her left front leg. He did not think that her leg would get any bigger then it already was and to bring her back in 6 months to have it removed since it would just be hanging there. He prescribed antibiotics for her URI and sent us home. Mouse got well, grew and flourished. At 5 weeks she could not walk but she could sit up and move around. She would get so mad at her siblings because they could get out of the nest and she couldn't that she would attack them and refuse to let them back in :). It took her a few weeks to figure out how to get up and walk and then she figured out how to go up stairs and a few months later go down them, then how to jump up on my bed. Even with 3 legs she could out run me and thought it was the best game ever! We have had many, many good times together and she is a well traveled girl. Mouse still has her goofy leg. It did grow, but is a little thinner then her other legs and does not quite reach the ground. It is frozen at the pastern but she has complete muscle control over it and loves to go to the beach and dig in the sand! Mouse will be 14 August 20, 2011 and after all these years we have only been apart 8 whole days. She stayed with her 'daddy' at that time and still she worried herself over me so much that she gave herself an upset tummy and her 'daddy' had to take care of her. After I got home for the longest time, she would howl if she could not find me. This was heartbreaking, because even to this day Mouse does not make noise. You would not know that she was whimpering or crying if you were not looking at her and able to see her body moving, she refuses to show weakness or complain. She is older now and only having 3 legs has taken a toll on her body, she has arthritis in her back and her hips and knees bother her but still she will not complain. Mouse is my <3 dog and when the day comes that she has to leave for the Rainbow Bridge she will take a very, very large portion of my <3 with her. Signed, Mousie's Mommy

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